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5x5 Thom Trojanowski Hobson 'Sondar' (2017), pencil on paper, 26x18cm by dateagleart
5x5 Thom Trojanowski Hobson 'Sondar' (2017), pencil on paper, 26x18cm by dateagleart

Thom Trojanowski Hobson, Mekon, 2017, Pencil on Paper © Thom Trojanowski Hobson, Courtesy of BEERS, London

Could you explain this work?

This pencil drawing is a snap shot of an intimate exchange between two un-worldly beings. What we, as earthlings, can identify with is the freeze frame of when the clock stops ticking for that half second, and an electric pulse jumps from the tip of one sentient being to another. The tender moment. It's easy to forget, as a human, that contact - that shimmering, glossy, silent spark is universal. 


What does this piece deal with? 

I often think about the accelerated loss of our natural habitat, and revisit crazy ideas from 70’s sci-fi of living on the moon once this planet is burnt out. I sometimes think about the fable of “the dark side of the moon” and play with fantasies of how maybe it could harbour secret plant types and seas like George Melies’ flick. My Uncle is a physicist who works at the Hadron Collider splitting atoms, and looks for Higgs Boson, and my Dad is an ecologist - so one looking away from us, and into the stars for answers, and one looking beneath the soil. Whilst I’m very interested in both these equally important subjects, I’m more like my mother. A social creature, looking into peoples eyes for that tender connection. 


What medium and techniques did you use?

A couple of pencils, a rubber, and a bit of paper.


What were the struggles of making it?

The struggle is always working small for me - for composition, and also for the translation and application of mark making. 


What is the purpose behind this work?

This was a preliminary sketch for an intended larger painting. But I felt I had captured something real in the drawing, and I’m actually very happy with it. 



Thom Trojanowski Hobson is part of "75 Works on Paper" on view until 23 December 2017 at BEERS, London, 1 Baldwin Street, EC1V 9NU, London.



written by Martin Mayorga 

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4 December 2017