I am a freelance writer interested in art criticism, histories, and theories of art. I have studied a Masters Degree in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and since finalising my studies, I have worked at a number of prominent London-based galleries focusing on Modern and Contemporary Art. "Adela's Picks" encompasses my interest in supporting young and emerging artists, as I make a selection of listings in relation to contemporary art. 



the great women artists: women on instagram

As a perfect follow-up to my two articles on discovering artists on Instagram, the exhibition of “The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram” at Mother London presents a physical gallery of works from the screens of our Instagram app. In 2015, Katy Hessel established an Instagram profile purely focusing on the great female artists. Her engagement and devotion to her project led to a realisation of her first exhibition presenting fifteen UK-based women artists. Adela’s picks chose five favourites.


five contrasting works by the royal drawing school graduates

The Royal Drawing School is the new ‘it’ art school offering an intensive postgraduate program. ‘The Best of The Drawing Year 2017’ exhibition at Christie’s Kings street presented more than 90 drawings and other works by talented graduates of the program. Adela’s picks showcases five artists from the Christie's show and introduces their talents ahead of their upcoming exhibition opening on the 29th November at The Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch.


Virtual galleries of Instagram artists

Instagram is an endless world of sharing passions and finding inspirations. Here comes the second edition of curated selection of art graduates and emerging artists discovered on this social media platform. Paying a visit to their virtual studios is surely worth it.



The artist’s technique of casting wide range of objects brings an unusual sculptural creation.A pink candy object resembling a hot water bottle or an enema bag is the title image of Rachel Whiteread’s exhibition at Tate Britain, embellishing the exhibition’s advertisements and brochures. Even those not familiar with the British artist and the first woman to win Tate’s Turner Prize in 1993 are suggested the exhibition will be an unusual sculptural show.  


These artists will spice up your Instagram feed

For emerging artists, Instagram could be conceived as their virtual gallery. It is cost-free and open to everyone owning a device with sufficient Internet connection. Though, not many people have the time, patience, and mainly passion for getting lost in flipping though it’s numerous accounts. ‘5 artists who will spice up your Instagram news feed’ creates a selection of Instagram accounts, and presents emerging artists worth the attention. The existence of social media platforms such as Instagram has an inevitable power in the art industry.  If nothing else, this curated variety guarantees to please your eye and leave you inspired.



Jonathan baldock disputes the notions of contemporary art

British artist Jonathan Baldock presents a remarkable show of visual and performing arts creating a scene inspired by the world of "The Wizard of Oz". When you search for the quote "There is no place like home’" what pops up as a definition is: "Home is the most satisfying place to be’ and ‘a quote from The Wizard of Oz". This cliché phrase is also the title of so far the largest solo exhibition of British contemporary artist Jonathan Baldock.