I am a freelance art writer and editor, currently living in Manchester and spending most of my time between the north of England and Berlin. In my 'Art Journal' with dateagleart, I document my thoughts and feelings about work that engages with the live debate of what contemporary art is today.



Making, A Life: an unusual retrospective for a new sense of ‘make-believe’

From December 2017 to February 2018, Castlefield Gallery in Manchester invited Cumbrian folk artist Peter Hodgson to present an unusual interpretation of a retrospective. In celebration of his lifelong commitment to evolving and sharing his craft, ‘Making, A Life’ centres around a fictional, household-like site as the framework for Peter’s diverse creative practice. ‘Making, A Life’ brings the curiosities of the closet, materialising as an eclectic array of cross-media interactions that spotlights Peter’s four-decade contribution to the arts and its influence on his peers.