Five contrasting works by The Royal Drawing School graduates

by adela smejkal


The Royal Drawing School is the new ‘it’ art school offering an intensive postgraduate program. ‘The Best of The Drawing Year 2017’ exhibition at Christie’s Kings street presented more than 90 drawings and other works by talented graduates of the program. Coming from various backgrounds, students of the Royal Drawing School have experienced a stimulating year of drawing by choosing preferred modules and focusing on their areas of interest. Adela’s picks showcases five artists from the Christie's show and introduces their talents ahead of their upcoming exhibition opening on the 29th November at The Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch


Christabel MacGreevy | @christabitch

The first thing you notice when meeting Christabel is her funky leather jacket full of patches, which she designed. She, and her friend Eddie Campbell started their brand called ‘Itchy Scratchy Patchy’ in 2015. However, Cristabel's creativity spans across more than one category. She studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, worked as a fashion design illustrator on the side, created her brand, and now she is a Royal Drawing School graduate. The artist mainly focuses on random objects and the relationship between them and her memory. Her illustrations are spontaneous and assign almost a magical feel to objects of everyday life.

Christabel MacGreevy, Bathtub Shrine | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School

Christabel MacGreevy, Bathtub Shrine, 2017 | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School


Gideon Summerfield | @gidzsummers

Gideon, a former student of Illustration at Cardiff School of Art and Design, sees drawing as a way to communicate various issues. For instance, his latest works focus on the refugee crisis. Gideon's reportage illustration captures conditions and situations that refugees face on a daily basis. These illustrations are true moments that he conveys on to the paper from reality. In general, the artist’s fascination is with people, and projecting their identities through a great pencil work. His illustrations are mainly made in black and white, and he finds enjoyable to complete his portraits with ‘an unfinished work’ impression. 

Gideon Summerfield, Dr William Frankland | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School

Gideon Summerfield, Dr William Frankland, 2017 | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School


Joana Galego

Joana comes from Portugal, which brings many influences to her artistic creation. Coming from an Iberia Peninsula located country, and having to face foreign forces at school motivated the artist to incorporate her domestic and external senses into her works. Joana’s work is expressive; she always strives to capture her emotions and convey a portion of herself onto the paper. She enjoys working with colors, as well as different mediums, therefore many of her works are remarkable collages often inspired by spontaneous ideas. Her subjects are usually people, their relationships between one another, and objects found in the nature.

Joana Galego, Sleepless Lover | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School

Joana Galego, Sleepless Lover, 2017 | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School


Richard Ayodeji Ikhide | @pandagwad

Richard has an unusual approach of depicting an often-occurring theme of the relationship with his family. He then implements mythological motives and creates a detailed illustrations of almost mystical figures. While some of his works are merely pen on paper, others employ a rich palette of colours influenced by his nativeness. Another of the artist’s sources of inspiration is the life cycle, and the theory of rebirth. Richard joined the Royal Drawing School after finishing his undergraduate degree in Textiles. After a successful year at the school, he plans to focus on his career in drawing and illustration.

Richard Ayodeji Ikhide | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School

Richard Ayodeji Ikhide, 2017 | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School


Isaac Nugent | @isaac.nugent

The work of Isaac could be described as a “theater stage’’. He uses paper as a space to conduct a play. He draws figures in movements and enhances their characters by using vivid colours, and the presence of a visible background. He likes to construct a little-illustrated narrative where he is the director. The artist is interested in comedy and modernist cartoon characters from the Looney Tunes. Before entering The Royal Drawing School, Isaac studied Art and Art History and won several awards. He was also artist in residence at Watts Gallery in Surrey.

Isaac Nugent, Falling In | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School

Isaac Nugent, Falling In, 2017 | Courtesy of The Royal Drawing School