I am an abstract artist, writer and occasional curator. I live and work in London and have completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Wimbledon School of Art, UAL. My practice incorporates wall drawings, window installations, and printmaking to examine geometric forms and colour relationships. My blog post "Fiona Grady: Art Life" explores trends in contemporary works, with a focus on how artists and curators are finding alternatives methods of exhibiting and presenting art. 



Adhoc - exploring the German ‘Offspace’

Adhoc is termed as an ‘offspace’ which is a popular German equivalent to the artist-led space, designed to exist as a non-commercial, and independent venue for the arts. Who are the UK equivalents of Adhoc? There aren’t many spaces that operate with the model of site-specific only exhibitions, but there are quite a few that use former garage and industrial spaces as exhibition venues. Here are a few examples worth mentioning.


Skulptur Projekte - the decennial arts festival in a day

Skulptur Projekte occurs every ten years in the city of Münster and surrounding region. Much can change in ten years allowing the Skulptur Projekte to provide a platform for reflection and a more profound voice than many art biennials are able to offer. Now, in its fifth installment, the curators have selected artworks that explore the relationship between art and public spaces. There are 35 artists participating this year over multiple sites plus artworks from previous are still available to see in the city - here are a few highlights to look out for