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Mix! Daisy Parris by dateagleart

We travel with artist Daisy Parris between The Slits, The Au Pairs, The Breeders, and L7.

She’s compiled the most suitable soundtrack to bring you back to this awful place (as mentioned by The Clash). If you’re jumbled, we’ll break it down for you: since graduating from Fine Art at Goldmiths University 3 years ago, Daisy Parris has created portraits, text based paintings, drawings, sculptures, wall pieces, and collaborative works along with creating the “Ugly Bitch Club”, a fantasy punk band that turned into an art collective supporting female artists. Now, Daisy is supporting female bands in the form of her Mix! Series, where we can spend an evening experiencing the end of the world (PJ Harvey), feel boxed in (Throwing Muses), and play dead in a cellar (Belly). Similarly, Daisy’s works are emotive and harsh, where the artist opposes colour and a radical clash of words—among them “a cry for help”, “small and weak”, “sorry”, “die”, “lost”, “empty”, and “exist”. The viewer can expect to smash their heads in a rock sculpture, or questions their own choices between violent confrontations of colour.



written by Martin Mayorga

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22 December 2017