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Mix! Teng-Yuan Chang by dateagleart

From Sigur Rós to Owen Pallett, Chang Teng-Yuan’s playlist will drag you into a parallel universe.

Through his paintings and animations, Chang Teng-Yuan raises questions on how humans will move into the next era. His works explore unknown human behaviours, explosions, meteors, a multiverse, and the end of the world, amongst other subjects. Similarly, his playlist reflects on themes of astronomy, escapism of reality, and biology. David Bowie’s 'Space Oddity' examines planet Earth as being blue “And there's nothing I can do”. Damien Rice visualises a disappearing “spaceship fly”, while Owen Pallet views the future world as “pre-destined” and “variable”.

This cosmic list will move your inner senses and make you escape from routine, traffic, and boresome.



written by Martin Mayorga

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25 September 2017