Studio Visit | antonia showering

inside the memories of antonia showering

Antonia Showering, currently exhibiting at "75 Works on Paper" at BEERS London, shares a studio at The Slade School of Fine Art, in the Bloomsbury neighbourhood of west London. We visited the artist's working space, and found that while it seemed stuffed at first glance, she managed to curate "a minimal display" of her recent works for us to check out. Here, she executes highly saturated pieces alongside muted works, all acting as a portal into the artist's imagination and memory. Her works are very personal, sometimes illustrating direct member's of the artist's family or representations of her childhood upbringing, as she tells us "I find through paint you can capture atmosphere and feelings". The mood of her working space is as well very personal, invaded with everyday objects, proof of her creative approach. Set with finished works, works in process, and newly born pieces, her paintings feed one another, share a common narrative, and are constantly exploring themes of belonging and alienation. To understand how Antonia works- and the importance of nostalgia- we sat down with the artist in her shared studio.


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all photography by delilah olson © dateagleart 2017