Studio Visit | jonathan trayte


from his live/work space, the artist creates seductive pieces that deceive the eye

Jonathan Trayte's works mingle with distorted versions of edible food in his live/work studio in Bow, London. In the lounge, close-ups of lettuce wallpaper embellish the space, creating a fitting atmosphere for human consumption. On the table, a display of mixed media lamp installations illuminate the room - from bronze to crushed granite, passing through plaster, pigments or neon- these constructions use a variety of mediums in their making, clashing natural and unnatural. The artist shows us his research folders, filled up with globally sourced wrappers of food products he has collected in his various travels. These pieces of paper, plastic, or foil serve as a reference for the artist's use of colour, often creating over-saturated and glossy works informed by the food industry's attempt to persuade us. Larger-than-life reclining pumpkins in a variety of scales are ready to be casted. Photographs of mountain formations, pineapples, stacked rocks or trees serve as a mood board, and piles of food cans are mounted on the shelves. It is clear that Jonathan, who has previously worked as a chef in a restaurant specialising in locally produced products, is interested in food's material and immaterial qualities.


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all photography by delilah olson © dateagleart 2017