Studio Visit | sara berman


Sara Berman's studio becomes an extension of her practice

Sitting in her light-filled studio based in Kilburn, London, Sara makes her large room feel cozy by surrounding it with rugs, books, a sofa, and an armchair. In fact, her pieces often reference and play with the domestic setting. "The spaces we occupy - in particular the domestic, the inhabited or those we hold most clearly in our minds as belonging to us- become extensions of self." Berman mentions. Her working process embraces the silence and time afforded by her studio space, clarifying  "I have a very solitary and regimented practice and I need a lot of time alone with the work. I feels kind of spiritual and I really don’t like unplanned interruptions." To understand how Berman works—and how her compositional games are made—we sat down with the artist in her studio.


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all photography by delilah olson © dateagleart 2017