Spread The Virus | Ade Adekola


Ade Adekola, Footballers, Colourfield, 2017


"With an emphasis on colour, "Footballers" forms part of my colourfields series exploring different aspects of Nigerian contemporary Culture. These pieces have been created as vibrant abstract photographs, and are of fragmented snippets of life in Lagos converted into geometric shapes and infinite planes. The geometric shapes are used as building blocks, to devises multifaceted compositions. Multiple copies of compositional forms are created, generating repetitive shapes and chromatic patterns. Superimposing these shapes and geometric forms, on top of, beside, or inside each other the final piece is revealed. The final image is display in a lightbox with programmed changing lights where colour as the fundamental ingredient is further enhanced." -Ade Adekola

Ade Adekola (b. Nigeria) trained as an Architect at the Architectural Association London. He is a conceptual artist, architect, and self-taught photographer who works primarily by exploring the possibilities offered by digital transformation. His work poses philosophical questions about identity and culture, and is filled with colours and movement, cultural iconology, and coveted humour. He has exhibited in Lagos at Art X Lagos, Lagos Photo Festival, Red Door Gallery or Pret A Installer amongst others, and internationally at Skoto Gallery, New York; Arthouse Contemporary, London; Art Dubai, Dubai, amongst others. He currently lives and works in in Lagos.