Spread The Virus | Agnes Momirski


Agnes Momirski, Focus, Digital Animatic, 2017

"This work is inspired by the flood of mindfulness interfaces, and revisits the transcendental and spiritual context of our digitally mediated reality. The omnipresent movement towards a mind-spirit-technology symbiosis, teases the connection with the non-physical in us. The screen becomes a place of experiencing the intertwining of spiritual, dream, digital and virtual realms. It's iridescent nature serves as a mirror to the organic and sentient world, showing a reflection of the inner self and the unraveling of the mind over our digital time-lines." - Agnes Momirski

Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary and visual artist, with MA from the Royal College of Art (London, 2014). She lives and works in Rotterdam (NL) and Ljubljana (SLO). In her work she is concerned with perception, language and communication, mainly in relation to technology and design. She employs lens- and screen- based media, performance and installation, and collaborates with musicians, filmmakers and actors. Her films, characterized by stylized direction, often uncover a fascination for sci-fi, metaphysical and scientific ideas. She is a recipient of Young talent award by Mondriaan funds in 2016, Squeeze online award 2016, and was nominated for Tesla award 2017. Her work can be seen at Prospects and Concepts, Art Rotterdam 2018 in February, and at her upcoming solo show at Roodkapje Rotterdam in April and May 2018.