Spread The Virus | jake moore


jake moore, eternal relics, 2018

"The cleansing waters rise against his flesh as he quests onward through the dark currents. He is met with the glacial heads of familiar mountains, the ruins of his construction in which he now seeks solace. Scattered are the tools of his mass-production; automated, robotic arms that stand rusted yet resilient to time. The phallic monuments are vast in number and rupture the untouched snowfall. Although relics of a bygone era, they continue to haunt him — a reminder of his inability to perform correctly in a heteronormative world. 

As he reaches the summit, he is transformed. After performing a final ritual of choreographed actions, exertions of hollowed masculinity by which he was once measured, he exhales. Utopia is here now, a chance for healing. 

Eternal Relics is the final part in a trilogy, continuing from Dreams in Ultraviolet and Beyond the Water’s Edge." - Jake Moore

Jake Moore is an artist based in Nottingham, UK. His work considers the inadequacy of the human form, in the face of our increasingly ubiquitous technological climate. Jake employs computer animation, video and sound in the construction of a newly synthesised digital body; a labour towards a machine-like perfection in form, surface and movement. Recent exhibitions include Future Body, The Collection, Lincoln (solo), Notes on Queerness, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (group), Performing Gender, BACKLIT, Nottingham (group).