James Irwin, (slow down) The Blame Game, 2017, 1080p HD video, 3mins 06secs


"(slow down) The Blame Game, (2017), is made from 3D rendered animation, ripped YouTube clips, real video camera footage and sampled audio".

"The work centers around a recording I made a few years ago of a vinyl cutter working in my studio. Within the clip, Kanye West's 'The Blame Game' plays in the background. Taking this as a cue, the song becomes the soundtrack for the video. 'The Blame Game' fades in and out alongside the mechanical realtime footage of the vinyl cutter working, rips from Norwegian 'slow tv', and manic strobe filtered dancing. The opening bars of Aphex Twin's 'Avril 14th' concludes the work; the original in place of Kanye's sample".

"The video attempts to capture the energy of isolation and feverish anxiety that can result from being hyperconnected - a human node seeking a sense of calm within a complex network of ubiquitous technologies". - James Irwin