Spread The Virus | Josie Tucker


Josie Tucker, Gamboyage, 2017, digital animatic


"Gamboge paint is a highly toxic paint pigment, now disused but popular throughout history for it's intense and unmatchable yellow colouring. It's development process was long and dangerous (the pigment is highly toxic to humans) and it became so muddled in the horrific events of the 1975-1979 Cambodian massacres that it is no longer used commercially. Despite it's lengthy process, Gamboge colour faded very quickly in light, and so there's very little trace of it's history in usage." 

"Similar to the paint is the history of the victims of the genocide; no exact numbers exist, however it is known that the victims were pre-marked with a blue and white checkered scarf to signify themselves to their murderers. The video aims to tell the story of gamboge paint without ever depicting it; it only provides a fleeting glimpse through an optical illusion created by the inversion of the blue scarf tone. The illusion leaves a mark on the eyes in the pattern of the scarves worn by the victims, that fades quickly with light, just as the paint does.". - Josie Tucker

Josie Tucker (b. 1992 Swindon, England) graduated with a MA in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art in 2017, after obtaining a BA (hons) in Illustration and Visual Media from the London College of Communication. She works across various mediums including digital stop motion, and research includes the application of humour within art and design. She is the head of visual identity for Brainchild festival and a founding member of the organisation. She currently lives in London and has recently started an environmental initiative for artists, designers and communicators to actively engage in environmental politics.