the three day residency programme


dateagleart's "Three Day Residency" program is a project-based residency that lasts for three days in dateagleart's open-air studio in Shoreditch. Three factors make this three day residency engaging and challenging at the same time. Firstly, it only lasts for three days so it makes the artist's push their practices against the clock! Secondly, it's held in an open-air studio, a completely new environment to the artist's usual studio-space, so their response to the space might make their practice go in a different direction as usual, and thirdly, it is a residency that is filmed live through our social media platforms and shared live within our audience. 

dateagleart's ethos is very much about displaying the work-in-process, and about supporting emerging art practices to be accessible for the public. With this residency, we support emerging art practices by providing the artists a studio space, materials, and live documentation.

Don't miss the second edition of "The Three Day Residency" in July 2018.